Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender)

Lavender Essential Oil is the New Scent for Healing

Nature itself is the best physician. It provides cure to almost any ailments—be it physical or mental. Thus, the rising popularity of essential oils offers an alternative way of healing through various natural scents, or better known as aromatherapy. Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants, specifically from roots, stems, and flowers. Studies regarding the use of essential oils, especially that of lavender-based scents, show promising and profound health benefits.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) does a versatile job in treating various conditions. It does not only possess a calming effect on the body, but it also shows an effective therapeutic outcome for the skin.  At present, there are over 40 species of lavender with 400 different varieties. But, not all lavenders are created equal. According to holistic skincare expert Mariska Nicholson, "These have been cultivated to yield different types of lavender essential oils. These different kinds of lavender produce oils with differing chemical compositions, resulting in essential oils that can be more suitable for particular issues than others." Hence, making lavender a favorite and a classic scent in the market.

Further researches regarding lavender essential oils say that it has a soothing and relaxing effect on the nervous system best in alleviating neurological disorders like anxiety, stress, insomnia, extreme agitation, and among others. Other than these, it is also highly regarded in easing insomnia; giving the user a better sleep at night. Additionally, lavender is also recommended to efficiently relieve oneself from postoperative pain due to surgery.

Aromatherapy using lavender also helps to relieve nausea and headaches. By simply massaging the oil to your temples, forehead, and neck, a significant boost to your mood is immediately expected to be felt.

On the other hand, physically, lavender-based oils act as an alternative remedy to heal minor wounds by applying diluted oil and distilled water to a scar which stimulates cells to regenerate faster. For women, the application of lavender oil to the abdomen during menstrual cycle can ease cramps.

There are also several studies that show outstanding lavender oil properties that are beneficial in bolstering one's beauty regimen. Aside from being a good skincare agent, lavender also hydrates chapped lips; making it a perfect lip balm substitute. It likewise prevents the occurrence of cold sores with its antimicrobial and antifungal properties. The same is true in minimizing acne, and sunspots. As for hair care, lavender helps fight dandruff, and stimulate hair growth.

It is surprising how nature provides us everything that we need to cure our daily problems. Lavender oozes a scent that guarantees healing and an improved holistic wellness to anyone who believes in its miracles.


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