Fragrance Oils vs. Essential Oils: Which One Should You Get?

Fragrance and essential oils are often confused with each other, but in reality, they are actually very different! To cut it short, fragrance oils are actually synthetic and are made in a laboratory, while essential oils are natural and are extracted from plants.

Fragrance oils are composed of materials that were artificially made in laboratories. They are created to produce strong and long-lasting scents. Fragrance oils can also be made by extracting the fragrant components from natural materials, and then mixed with other synthetic materials to produce a scent. Products that contain fragrance oils are often shampoo, soaps, candles, lotions, and skin care. Fragrance oils are a great and affordable way to imitate natural scents, because synthetic is always cheaper. However, fragrance oils may cause harm when inhaled by those suffering from respiratory illnesses. They can also cause irritation and even allergic reactions when used topically.

Thus, it is very important to use them with caution. That being said, what about essential oils? Essential oils are pure extracts from aromatic plants, often taken from the roots, stems, herbs, and flowers. They are highly concentrated and 100% natural. They are also 100% pure, meaning, they are not diluted nor are they mixed with other synthetic chemicals. Essential oils have been used in aromatherapy and other medical fields for centuries. They pose many health benefits, and are believed to ease stress, anxiety, muscle pain, and even problems with mental health.

Why should you choose essential oils over fragrance oils? While fragrance oils may be cheaper than essential oils, we firmly believe that essential oils are worth their cost. Essential oils have been used for medicinal practices for centuries, and are proven to aid in a number of health problems. Products with fragrance oils often do not list in detail what ingredients they are composed of, thus you are putting yourself at risk when exposed to these unknown synthetic chemicals.

Essential oils on the other hand are 100% natural, and are guaranteed safe to use.

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