Amplify Life: Crystal Generators for Every Need

“When we wear natural crystal jewellery, it may raise our vibration and renew our energy, which can transforms our health, and well-being in pretty miraculous ways.”

It is ingrained in humans since the early times to have a strong affinity for crystals. Since the early Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations, gemstones were used to ward off ailments and believed to cure different types of diseases. They were practically utilized to facilitate healing not only of the body but also of a person’s mind and soul.

Traditionally, crystals act as conduits for positive energy flow. They help provide attunement to a person in relation to his or her needs; be it physical, emotional, or mental. For these reasons, crystal generators have become widely popular in the market. Crystal or energy generators come in all colours and sizes with distinct, individual abilities for healing. Each crystal is associated with its own therapeutic use, either for meditation, cleansing, or just for acquiring general support in your every day.

As this alternative medicinal concept draws inspiration from Asian cultures (mainly from Chinese origins), it relates more to how crystals, along with their metaphysical properties, can render powerful results to improving our chakras. Thus, deriving us to a better and happier well-being.

There are different crystals you can choose from according to your liking. Aside from their unparalleled beauty, each crystal signifies an aspect of improvement in your life: love, energy, rationality, and emotions. 

Universal Love, Peace & Harmony

Exuding a rose pink colour, Rose Quartz energy crystals are symbolically the gem of universal love. It helps amplify our sense of affection, charity, and peace towards our partner, family, friends and other people. It dispels a great amount of energy that essentially and therapeutically  overwhelms the heart. For those in a relationship, rose quartz crystals are best in ensuring that the romance will never wilt but blossom even more. It also helps establish trust between partners that is necessary for preserving an unconditional and mutual love for both.

Moreover,  rose quartz gemstone is also said to enhance fertility chances. It may also serve as a protection for the mother and her unborn child. 

Energising the Body, Mind, & Soul

Also called the master healer and considered to be the “bearer of light”, Clear Quartz crystal  is glacial in appearance. Because of this, it is often described as pure and transparent. This crystal generator resonates and distributes energy in our body. It is also good for fortifying the mind and helping us get hold and win over our emotions. 

When our mind gets hazy, clear quartz crystals enable our thinking process to function more efficiently. It directs and transmits energy for the clarity of our chakra flowing in our body, mind, and soul. It skips us from the burden of overthinking and anxiety. Hence, quark crystals have some meditative properties to ease, to strengthen, and to regulate our energies.

Rational Thought, Creativity, and Objectivity

When faced with life-changing decisions, where objectivity should be at your core, Sodalite crystal can be helpful. Its blue to blue-violet colour represents rationality and mindfulness. Sodalite crystal is considered to be the talisman of the writer, popular in enhancing one’s ability to conceptualize, to imagine, and to think with exceptional focus. It also helps translate and express ideas in a logical, smart manner. 

It brings tranquility to emotions. Panic attacks are alleviated by its property to induce calm and clarity of the mind. The Sodalite crystal generator is also called Poet’s Stone, the Stone of Creatives, and the Stone of Truth.


Luck & Opportunity

For anyone who aspires to turn their dreams into reality, Green Aventurine crystal is perfect for a person with grit and a winning attitude. This crystal taps into our sense of gratitude, hope, and positivity. It amplifies these to extend and boost our confidence in our every day chances we dare to take in life. Also, Green Aventurine is probably the most suitable crystal to help you manifest your desires for prosperity and wealth. 

Deemed to be the Stone for Opportunity, this crystal promises an abundance of new possibilities coming your way. 

These crystals are our assistance to healing as well as growth. They are programmed to amplify whatever intentions we have in mind. Some of its benefits are generally to revitalize our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes; cleanse and enhance our energies; stimulate balance in our life; and harmonize our chakras. 

There is a crystal for our every need. Knowing and tapping to their individual potentials can simply strike us with amusement and wonder. More than being adorned, crystals connect us to a greater realm of untapped powers and possibilities.

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