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Lemongrass has always been known for its strong tropical scent. Aside from its popular use in the kitchen, experts and medical practitioners alike see lemongrass as one, natural, remedy to ease health complications. Primarily, the oils extracted from its leaves and stalk through careful steam distillation process are believed to be effecti
Frankincense is not a strange scent in aromatherapy. It is extracted from the sap or ‘resin’ of the Boswellia sacra tree (Boswellia carterii), which has a delicate, sweet, woody fragrance that can last and stick up to hours of direct application onto the skin.
The essential oil extracted from rose geranium is popularly utilized in the perfumery, cosmetic, and aromatherapy industries globally. It has since become an indispensable aromatherapy oil around the world. 
Agricultural Aromatherapy and Herbicide Using Essential Oils Essential oils may one day replace synthetic pesticides and herbicides. Aside from the...
Lavender Essential Oil is the New Scent for Healing Nature itself is the best physician. It provides cure to almost any ailments—be it physical or ...

The calming effects of essential oils and aromatherapy have been proven over and over again, which is why we would like you to take a look at the benefits of our natural essential oils and discover their true potential. These are the absolute best oils to use if you are looking for sleep assist products and natural stress relief.

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